October Zoom Conference w/ Elise!
8:30 AM08:30

October Zoom Conference w/ Elise!

October 10, 8:30am Pacific Daylight Time

  1. Community-Leverage strong existing communities

  2. Craft-need to Strengthen craft, from your book, other suggestions

  3. Commitment-How do you stay commited when you are overwhelmed, running a business, have 3 kids, etc

  4. Confidence-How can these content creators stay confident, many are not as formally schooled, some are. They have lots of new and exciting ideas that sometimes people don't understand. How can they become confident in their writing?

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Writers on Writing
3:00 PM15:00

Writers on Writing

Writers on Writing: Wednesdays at the Westfield Campus of San Francisco State University. The OLLI classroom is Room 677 and holds 40 people.

Here's the course description:
Writers on Writing is a literary salon, where published authors will read from their books, talk about their creative process, and answer questions. A new author will be featured each week. After the Q&A, authors will offer a writing exercise based on their book, with time to share writing at the end of the session. If you've ever read a book and wanted to speak with the author, this class is for you.

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