July 1, 2019 - Adroit Journal Reviews You Can Be a Winning Writer

The road to success in today’s writing life—replete with the snarky social media, finicky readerships, cautious publishers, magazines falling as quickly as they rise, among other pratfalls—is uncharted and murky, so who would not want some direction along the way? Writing education has long been a contentious subject. It is something taught or is it an innate gift? Can a writer be externally motivated or does it require an intrinsically motivated student to make the magic happen? When it comes to pedagogy, the stakes are raised for all kinds of reasons. Does one need a master writer to truly learn from? Is there a formula or rules to good writing? Does a “good” poem have requirements? Is “story” dead? Is narrative suspect? The list of questions easily turn into litany. One primary question surges and resurgence in the writing world: do you need to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in order to become successful as a writer? What does it mean to be success as a writer today anyway? Does it mean being a “winning” writer?

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