Best-selling author Amy Tan was the featured speaker at the Women’s National Book Association’s 2008 WNBA Award ceremony honoring Kathi Kamen Goldmark, held on November 8 at San Francisco’s Century Club. The biennial WnBA Award recognizes an American woman who has made extraordinary contributions to pro-moting literacy, freedom of expression, a love of reading, or women’s careers in the world of books. Goldmark was honored for founding the Rock Bottom Remainders, a band of literary superstars who belt out “Wild Thing” and other rock staples to raise money for book-related causes. The Remain- ders have raised more than $2 million, and Tan and Goldmark have shared a microphone as “Remainderettes” since the band’s founding. Tan is better known as the author of such much-loved novels as The Joy luck Club and The Bone-setter’s daughter. Other band members include Stephen King, Dave Barry, and Matt Groening.